Hogan Technology Offers Business Critical VoIP Integrations to Maximize Customer Profitability and Productivity

Hogan Technology, a leading managed technology services provider, has announced its comprehensive suite of integrations designed to supercharge VoIP communications for businesses and organizations of all sizes. These integrations are set to maximize profitability and productivity by seamlessly connecting various third-party software applications, including popular customer relationship management systems (CRM), enterprise resource planning systems (ERP), and enterprise management systems (EMS). While many VoIP providers offer unified communications (UC) systems, most are not seamlessly woven into the fabric of their existing systems. Hogan Technology has taken a step further, by seamlessly integrating the power of a UC system into the most widely used organizational communications systems, like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Teams, Hubspot, Salesforce, and more.

“Our objective is maximum utilization of technology and we’re able to achieve this by integrating with the most popular productivity-boosting solutions on the market,” stated Sean Hogan, President of Hogan Technology. “By doing so we make everyone’s life easy to effectively communicate within any business, non-profit or institution.”

Hogan Technology’s integration with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange brings unparalleled efficiency to business communications. Whether employees want full call control directly from Outlook, allowing users to dial contacts, synchronize presence with their Outlook calendar, and change presence status directly from Outlook, or other ways of improving their throughput and collaborative abilities, this integration ensures that users can manage their communications more effectively, reducing the time spent switching between platforms.

Hogan Technology’s Microsoft Exchange Communicator further enhances this integration by automatically delivering and synchronizing voice mails and faxes to users' email clients on Windows-based PCs. Changes made to these messages on the email client are instantly reflected in the system, streamlining the communication process and ensuring that no message goes unnoticed. This is ideal for highly collaborative teams, which are looking to increase the pace of communication, which is essential for customer satisfaction.

For organizations that rely on Microsoft Teams, Hogan Technology’s integration extends the platform's capabilities far beyond its standard feature set. Users can make and receive customer calls within the Teams interface, with additional rich features such as complex routing plans, auto attendant, call handling rules, and call recording. Even the mere feature of call recording adds unprecedented value in the contexts of quality assurance, training, compliance standards, and dispute resolution.

One of the most popular CRMs is Salesforce and this integration brings full call control to the application suite. Users can manage calls directly from Salesforce records. “Screen pops” for inbound calls display all known account information, allowing employees to provide informed and efficient customer service.

“Hogan Technology’s technology integrations are designed to help businesses achieve higher efficiency and productivity, enabling seamless communication across various platforms,” added Mr. Hogan. “By integrating these powerful tools, organizations can expect to see significant improvements in their operations, ultimately leading to increased profitability.”

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