Hogan Technology Increases Efficiency and Service


Hogan Technology is a leading managed service provider in the Easthampton, MA area. Their dedication to quality service and excellent customer care has grown their business from a small family startup to a leading technology support group.

In early 2021, Sean Hogan, president of Hogan Technology, received feedback from his team that their remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool, ConnectWise RMM, wasn't meeting their needs as it should. Hogan tasked Corey Harris, director of IT, to conduct a complete evaluation of the team’s IT tools to ensure they enabled Hogan Technology technicians to provide efficient and quality customer support.

“After an evaluation, it was clear we needed a new solution,” said Harris. “ConnectWise has a steep learning curve, it’s remote access is slow and glitchy, and the ConnectWise support team handled patch management behind the scenes, making patch reporting impossible.”

Plus, ConnectWise’s billing structure requires an annual commitment rather than a flexible month-to-month, resulting in cost inefficiencies. “All managed service providers bill their clients monthly, which means if we lose a client, we cover that cost,” said Harris. “Our RMM wasn’t worth the investment,” said Hogan. “As the owner, that’s when I knew we needed to make a change.”


Visibility Drives Efficiency

When managing over 1,000 client endpoints, changing any tool in your tech stack can be time consuming. However, Hogan Technology shifted its entire client portfolio to NinjaOne in 30 days, with zero disruptions to clients.

“I’ve never seen change management happen so quickly and smoothly,” said Hogan. “Right away, NinjaOne’s flexible billing structure removed all the wasted software costs we would’ve paid with a yearlong ConnectWise contract.”

Not only did NinjaOne bring flexibility to the Hogan Technology team, but also enhanced its capabilities. “NinjaOne’s remote access feature lets us deploy the NinjaOne agent remotely for almost all of our clients, saving us at least 20 hours a month just in technician travel time,” said Harris. “Once deployed, it’s easy to review the NinjaOne dashboard and ensure everything works properly for our clients.” With NinjaOne, the IT team can finally be confident that all patches and updates are happening seamlessly in the background. “With our previous solution, I could never be sure that our devices were fully patched and updated,” said Harris. “With NinjaOne, I know exactly what’s going on in our network, and I know 100% that the data I’m giving my team is accurate.”

A Tool Technicians Like to Work With

Before NinjaOne, Hogan received constant complaints from his technicians that their RMM was sluggish and unresponsive. Waiting for ConnectWise RMM to load or fix breaks throughout the system was commonplace. “With NinjaOne, I haven’t heard a single complaint from my team,” said Hogan. “There is zero administrative burden on my technicians, so they can focus on doing their job and supporting our clients.”

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